Alumni and Testimonials

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We are in the process of compiling a list of our alumni and testimonials from former students and their parents. If you are an alumni and would like to be included on this page, please send us a picture and a paragraph about what you are now doing in the work world. *Testimonials do not require a picture.

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If you want critical thinkers who are encouraged to also be creative, look no further. The failing public school system is breathing new life into innovative alternatives such as THIS school. If you want cramming and regurgitation of knowledge minus retention, try the Escambia Public School System or PCA. IF you want true absorption of knowledge, this is the place!

Cherry Moreno, 2012

My time at Pensacola School of Liberal Arts permanently changed me for the better. It’s no exaggeration to say that they practically saved my life by bestowing upon me a sense of worth, confidence, and self-discipline. When I felt as if I had been forgotten by the world and was without purpose, they proved me wrong in the most sincere way. I cannot say enough good things about both the teachers and my time with them. I would recommend this school to anyone who values the pursuit of higher knowledge, and even to those who feel as if they cannot learn. You CAN learn, and they will do everything in their power in order to help you to do so!

David Townsend, 2015

I am an alumna of SOLA, and I could have never believed that my high school experience would have made such a great impact on me. I attended Gulf Breeze High before transferring; the shoe just didn’t fit for me. SOLA has a morning discussion which covers all topics (local and global) in hopes to educate the students. This allows them to have a voice in the classroom. The daily curriculum requires strength in reading and comprehension, and reinforces the importance of legible penmanship, lost today with the rampant use of technology. The curriculum at times is often quite extensive, comparative to a college classroom. The core classes are taught in 8 week blocks with math as the last hour of each day (practice makes perfect). SOLA strives to prepare students for the next step…. LIFE…They are funded solely by the tuition received from those enrolled, which allows the teachers to break free from the chains that bind education to standardized testing. This allows students to ask real questions and receive real answers. FINALLY, an education relieved from the vortex of politics!!! Gnothi Seauton~

Alumna, 2014