Our Curriculum

The Pensacola Private School of Liberal Arts’ curriculum begins with the seventh grade and ends with graduation from high school. A student may enter our school at any time during their 7th and 8th grade years, as well as at anytime during their high school academic career. The head of school oversees student course schedules and works with the students and their individual course selections. This personal attention is given to all students at all levels of educational achievement.

The school operates on a Block Schedule consisting of 8 week units, allowing for the students to focus their attention on one subject at a time. Each block consists of a first semester and second semester grading period. Midterm and final grades are received at the end of the each semester. A final report card is sent home, at the end of the each year, with all grades and credits earned.

Grades are as follows:

  • A Superior
  • B Good
  • C Average
  • D Below Average
  • F  Failing

In addition to these grades, a teacher, in order to give a more precise grade, may assign a (+) or (-).

  • 100 & Up  A+
  • 99 – 93      A
  • 92 – 90      A-
  • 89 – 87      B+
  • 86 – 83      B
  • 82 – 80      B-
  • 79 – 77      C+
  • 76 – 73      C
  • 72 – 70      C-
  • 69 – 67      D+
  • 66 – 63      D
  • 62 – 60      D-
  • 59 – 0        F

A brief description of the courses of study follows:

7th & 8th Grades are considered a period of transition between elementary and high school. Students in these grades are considered a part of SoLA’s Intermediate Class. The design of the Intermediate curriculum is to prepare students for the rigors of our high school curriculum.

Intermediate students must take a literature & language arts course, math, social studies, science, drawing, and physical education. Drawing is the standard offered elective course for our Intermediate students. However, students excelling in their Intermediate studies may be offered the chance to participate in a high school level elective: Spanish, Fundamentals of Art, Philosophy, and other potentially offered courses.

Grades 9 through 12 are considered high school attendants in which the terms freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior apply. It is during this stage of the student’s education that they begin to think about their goals as an adult. In order to help a student formulate their plan, the school maintains a flexible curriculum. This curriculum is a college preparatory one since the majority of our students continue their education beyond high school.

Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits to be eligible for graduation. Fifteen of these courses are required by the State of Florida, and the other nine are chosen from electives, Physical Education, virtual school, and afternoon classes are available at specific times throughout the year. The required courses are: four consecutive years of English & mathematics, three years of social studies & science, and one year of Physical Education & Art. In addition to these required courses, students may choose to elect one of the following for their chosen elective course: Spanish I & II, Fundamentals of Art, Philosophy, and other potential courses selected every year.

Since our school operates on a Block Schedule, the student will have earned at the end of their high school academic career the following:

○Four Consecutive English Credits English I, English II, English III, and English IV

○Four Consecutive Mathematics Credits Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II

○Four Social Science Credits Civics, World History, U.S. History, and Current World Affairs

○Four Science Credits (including labs) Earth Science, Biology, Marine Biology, and Astronomy

○Four Elective Credits Fundamentals of Art, Spanish I & II, and Philosophy

○One-Four credits in Physical Education & potential afternoon courses

○One credit from Florida Virtual School (Advisor Approved Course)

Thus, allowing the student to achieve the standards set by Florida’s Department of Education along with meeting SoLA’s educational requirements. All classes are not finite; if a student excels in a particular subject, their academic challenges will be met. With approval, the student has the option to take an Independent Study course that may cover any field.

In recent years, there has been growth in our juniors’ and seniors’  participation in Dual Enrollment Programs offered through Pensacola State College and the University of West Florida. In order to do this, the student must have demonstrated academic proficiency in their high school work and have completed all high school courses in that field to be eligible for such advanced placement. The SoLA staff will work with the academically outstanding student in the scheduling of their Dual Enrollment classes.